About me


My name is Iain Edmonds and I am the co-founder of this website. I believe technology is the way forward in teaching as well as the way of life in the 21st century. Since 2011 I have been specializing in designing and developing modern digital teaching resource websites for the English Language Dept at Glasgow University. I have been increasingly keeping up to date with the latest programming skills, however as well as learning more about programming and the interactivity of a website or app I am also a strong believer that every website or app needs an individual identity, new look and design. Also, the design of a website has to look good and be appealing to the eye.

My background is Graphic Design and Illustration and throughout the years I have been using my design and illustration capability to design and develop modern eye catching websites and apps. In the past I have gained knowledge of Actionscript, Javascript, CSS, and HTML5. I have skills creating professional 2d and 3d vector graphics. Likewise, I have expertise in creating professional 2d animations in HTML5 and I have extensive knowledge in the Adobe Creative Suite in order to create highly resourceful teaching websites and apps.

So here is what I am offering.

If you are a Teacher, Lecturer or a Professor in a School, College or University and have a funded teaching resource project but you would like a website or app to put it all together then why not get in contact with me and we could discuss things further? I am currently based at Glasgow University, please see my contacts page.


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