Many people have heard about the Scottish language. The Scottish Lanugage has been spoken in Scotland for many centuries and is found today throughout the Lowlands and Northern Isles. English, Scots and Gaelic are the three indigenous languages spoken in Scotland today.

This website introduces you to the Scots Language.

You will be also be learning Scottish Language Variation and Scottish Languages past and present. You will get the change to learn about the Pronunciation of the Scottish Language and the Language Variation as well as the Scottish Language Past and Present. You can even get a change to play Quizzes and click on a interractive map and to listen to the Scottish Voices from around Scotland and you would be able to try the accent map quiz where you will be able to test your knowledge and see if you can guess which accent in Scotland belongs to which part of Scotland, as well as the matching accent quiz where you will be able to test your knowledge on how familiar you are on the Scottish Accent.



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