This website introduces you to Phonetics and the IPA for Speech and Language Learning.

Steps towards understanding the IPA. This website teaches you the thinking behind the international Phonetic Alphabet. The IPA is a tool, really just a set of many symbols, that allows you to display and read any stream of sounds in any natural language. It's a way to "hear with your eyes" and imitate pronunciation more accurately. It rivals our ability to record the human voice in its usefulness to help us understand and analyze the pronunciation of the world's languages.

In this website you will begin to learn about the phonetic concepts that underpin the IPA. You will learn about the phonetic concepts that underpin the IPA. Specifically, you will learn about vowels and consonants and how the human mouth produces them. You will learn many of the most common IPA symbols relating to vowels and consonants. Then how to syllables and larger chunks of speech work, and how to use IPA to represent those. Along the way, you'll have opportunities to work with the pronunciation of words in a variety of languages.

Accurate ways to talk about a vowel.

*Break down into component features, each vowel has multiple features. The first of these features of vowel height, if you want to think about it anatomically and distinguish different vowel heights by considering the position of your jaw when you make a certain vowel sound, for instance when I make the open sound. The jaw is in a different position that it is.

Accurate ways to talk about a consonant.

Break down into component features, where in your mouth do you make this consonant sound? Where is the sound coming from in your mouth? The term is place of articulation. You articulate the sound somewhere so that is the place of articulation. There are multiple places of articulation, to help us distinguish where the sound is coming from if it involves both of your lips like the sound P that is going to be bilabial sound which means both lips.

IPA = Language Learning more about articulation and speech.

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