About me

I am the Website Administrator for the School Of Critical Studies, English Language at the University of Glasgow., and I am responsible for designing and developing, and supporting some of the School’s extensive collection of digital teaching resources, principally those developed through externally and internally funded research projects. I have a broad range of skills and extensive experience.  I redesigned the GULP website and I managed the BAAP website. I was the web administrator for a research project which I was involved in called Sounds of the City which also includes a Resources page for the website. I was also responsible for designing and developing the online resource for the Dynamic Dialects and the Seeing Speech website. I was the Project Assistant for the Mapping Metaphor project of which I had organised and extracted the data using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. I was responsible for entering new words and definitions for the Dictionaries of the Scots Language word collection database, I was also the Designer for DSL and I also updated content for the STELLA website. I was the Data Entry Assistant for a large project called the Historical Thesaurus of English.

During my time working at the University of Glasgow I have gained good work experience in designing and developing and producing user-friendly teaching resource websites that can be accessed with a range of devices including tablets and mobile phones. I have excellent programming skills in HTML5, CSS3, SQL and JavaScript and knowledge of current best practice in web standards and accessibility. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills; through collaboratively working with academics and tutors, I always have a positive attitude to my work and as well as team work, decision making, engaging with people at work meetings and being open to their opinion as well as my own.

I have excellent and strong analytical skills through listening, communication and problem solving with both technical and non-technical colleagues and able to solve problems and make decisions. In the past when I have attended meetings, I have provided my own specialist expertise and advice to academics. I have demonstrated my own thoughts on different ideas when either designing or updating a website for an online resource. I have proficient skills in IT in general. I am fully conversant with Microsoft Office and have excellent experience in using Web Content Management systems such as Terminal Four CMS and WordPress CMS and design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud. I also have excellent computer graphic design skills.