Apps and Websites

Here are a list of apps and websites that I have designed and developed for the English Language and Linguistics Department at Glasgow university. The websites focuses on phonetics which is the study and classification of speech sounds. At the moment I am coming up with new ideas on how phonetics can be used for students especially for the study of speech and sounds through interactive IPA symbols as well as coming up with new ideas and useful teaching resources for websites.


The Sounds of the City project at Glasgow University looks into speech sounds of Glasgow past and present. Click here to view the website.
Dynamic Dialects is an interactive articulatory accent database! Dynamic Dialects contains an articulatory video-based corpus of speech samples from world-wide accents of English. Videos in this corpus contain synchronised audio, ultrasound-tongue-imaging video and video of the moving lips. We are continuing to augment the database. Click here to view the website


Seeing Speech is a resource that provides teachers and students of practical Phonetics with ultrasound tongue imaging (UTI) and lip video of speech, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) video of speech, and 2D midsagittal head animations based on MRI and UTI data. Click here to view the website
(GULP) stands for Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics, which is a research and teaching laboratory which also has a main lab and a specialist-recording studio, located within English Language. Its facilities support teaching for Honor’s (third and fourth year) undergraduate students, as well as master’s and Doctoral students, and staff and research fellows also benefit. Click here to view the GULP website